Concrete Polishing – Is It the Right Flooring Solution for You?

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Growing in popularity over the last few years, Concrete Polishing is quickly becoming the ultimate high-gloss finish for many different industries. Factor in the superior durability as well as a wide range of additional benefits, and it doesn’t come as a surprise to see why retail stores, commercial warehouses, and even some homeowners are warming to the appeal of these aesthetically pleasing floors.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Polished Concrete uses heavy-duty machines to gradually grind down a concrete surface to the desired degree of shine and smoothness, similar to the process of sanding wood. Often producing a glossy, mirror-like finish, the vast design options that can be chosen for your polished concrete floor only adds to its popularity. With a range of different colours and patterns to choose from, customers are free to customise their floors and achieve the exact look they’re looking for.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

With an extensive number of benefits, polishing your concrete slab may be the best flooring solution for your project.

These benefits include:

  • Cost-Effective – Polishing concrete is not as expensive compared to other flooring options. Savings continue for years to come as it requires much less upkeep (waxing or stripping) to maintain its beautiful sheen.

  • High Durability – Polished concrete’s durability is second to none and is not as vulnerable to damage compared to other types of floors. It can stand up to heavy foot traffic or even heavy equipment in a warehouse setting and does not need replacing, meaning in the long run, you will save more money.

  • Easy to Maintain – Polished concrete surfaces are tightly compacted to avoid dusting from efflorescence, they also do not require any waxing or stripping. Polished concrete is even easy to clean, it doesn’t hold dirt or dust like other floors do and only requires occasional mopping.

  • Better Reflectivity and Ambient Light – The reflective properties of a polished concrete floor maximize lighting in facilities. Improved ambient lighting reduces the cost of energy bills, increases safety, and casts your facility in the best possible light.

  • Many Different Resistances – Scratch, stain and even chemical resistant, polishing densifies and seals the surface of the concrete. This tightened floor is dense enough to repel water, oil, and other contaminants, preventing them from penetrating the surface and is almost impossible to chip or otherwise damage.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Polished concrete does not require hazardous coatings, cleaners or adhesives while also being energy-efficient, which further adds to its reputation as a “green” flooring solution.

  • Variety of Colours and Designs – With endless options when it comes to the final look of your polished concrete floor, not only can you select various levels of shine, but you can also choose from a variety of colors and patterns to get the perfect design for you.

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What Other Flooring Options Do I Have?

Different finishes are suitable for different spaces.

We have worked on hundreds of projects, all with unique requirements.

We believe that it should never be a ‘one size fits all’ approach and after working within a number of different industries, we understand what your business needs. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your floor, taking into account your preferences and which tasks will be completed on the floor’s surface.

In regards to different flooring options compared to concrete polishing, you should consider some of the other services we offer:

Grind and Seal

Grind and Seal polished concrete uses a machine to grind the concrete to the desired exposure to display the stones then we finish it off with a clear sealer such as Acrylic, Epoxy or Polyurethane to give the concrete a matt, satin or gloss appearance.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring consists of a liquid Epoxy resin and a hardening chemical. Once mixed, these two parts bond together, forming a hard plastic flooring across the surface of the concrete. It can be delivered in a variety of colours, sheen and non-slip grading.

Ultimately, the decision rest with the customer, however, using our expertise our team will advise you of the pros and cons of each flooring option and provide you with our recommendation.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry in both commercial and domestic work, F.K.R Constructions specialises in all aspects of concrete & concrete repairs.

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