Acid Etching

Acid Etching in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

At F.K.R. Constructions, our Acid Etching process is the perfect solution to enhance any outdoor area such as alfrescos, driveways or paths and with its non-slip factor it works amazingly well around pool areas.

What is Acid Etching?

The main objective of Acid Etching is to open up the “pores” of the concrete so its surface can accept the next treatment. Unlike Exposed Aggregate Concrete, the concrete is firstly grinded to cut and expose the stone and once this has been achieved, we apply a diluted hydrochloric acid formula that allows the concrete to be etched around the stone.

Why should you go with Acid Etching?

Acid Etching produces a beautiful finish that is non-slip and has the added advantage of being kind to bare feet. This process can be completed on new or existing concrete, giving it a fresh look that is safer and doesn’t trap dirt which means it will look great for years to come with minimal care.

Are there other ways to achieve similar results?

Of course, however, Acid Etching is by far the most efficient and is generally much less labor-intensive.

Why choose F.K.R. Acid Etching?

We’re a team of experienced installers that receive constant positive feedback from our customers for this service. Using our specialist equipment, we deliver a quality service at a competitive price. We understand that every job is different and work closely and maintain clear communication with our customers to ensure we achieve the results they’re after.

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