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Specialising in all aspects of concrete & concrete repairs.
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Top Polished Concrete Services In Melbourne

Working with concrete demands a specialised set of skills and years of experience, which is why finding a reliable company that strives for the best possible standards is important. That company in Melbourne is FKR Constructions & Services and we’re here to help you out with all of your concrete and concrete repair requirements. Our company has been working in and around the Melbourne area for over 16 years, providing our valued clients with an exceptional level of workmanship and customer care.

Are you looking for the perfect floors for your home or business? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the choices on the market? Maybe you’ve just moved house and you desperately need to replace the old rotting floorboards or perhaps you’re looking to spruce up your office space with a modern and stunning twist? Whatever flooring dilemma you’re facing, we’ve got you covered.Here at FKR, we have over 16 years of experience in the construction industry and have provided many of our valued customers with the best polished concrete Melbourne has ever seen.

Why choose polished concrete floors?

If you’re after floors that are practical, beautiful and affordable, we’d recommend polished concrete flooring. Polished concrete is one of the best materials in the construction industry, which is why it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options in Australia.We provide the highest-quality polished concrete flooring Melbourne has to offer, so if you’re looking for advice on polished concrete; don’t hesitate to get in touch.Here are our top reasons for choosing polished concrete for your flooring needs:

Polished concrete in Melbourne is sustainable

A polished concrete floor is now viewed as one of the most sustainable flooring options in the industry as it uses materials that are already present in a building.Polished concrete is created using the exposed concrete slab that the building is built on. This means that you do not need to waste unnecessary energy installing more materials to create new flooring.If you want to make an environmentally conscious choice when it comes to flooring, eco-friendly polished concrete is the floor for you.

Polished concrete in Melbourne is affordable

The sustainable benefits of polished concrete also mean that it is one of the most cost-efficient flooring methods available.Using concrete that already exists within the building means that you do not have to spend extra time or money choosing and installing a brand new floor. With the material already present, you can just let FKR get to work!New wooden floors or tiles can be really expensive, taking a big bite out of your budget.If you only have a limited amount of money to spend on flooring, the low polished concrete floor cost will give you the best bang for your buck.

Melbourne Polished concrete is low-maintenance

Maintaining floors can be a nightmare. From finding the right cleaning products to paying for yearly, waxing, polishing or sanding services, making sure your floors last can turn into a full-time job.Polished concrete is incredibly easy to maintain, as it only needs some water and basic cleaner to keep clean.There’s no need to worry about waxing, polishing or sanding as polished concrete never loses its shine.It’s also incredibly durable so you don’t have to worry about making any chips or dents when moving furniture around or dropping things on the floor.Polished concrete is known to last for as long as 100 years (yes 100 years!) so if you’re after that type of longevity, this is the floor for you.

Polished concrete in Melbourne is safe

Slip-resistant tapes and floor mats are also available to ensure the safest possible flooring for your home or office.Polished concrete is also the safest flooring option for those suffering from allergies as dust mites and other allergens cannot spread as quickly as they can on traditional flooring such as carpets.

Melbourne polished concrete is available for new and retrofitted buildings

Whether you’re building a new house or you want to replace old floors in an existing one – polished concrete is the material for you.If you’re building a house and have your eyes set on polished concrete, let your builders know as soon as possible. This will allow them to use high-quality concrete with the properties necessary for a polished finished.Polished concrete can also be retrofitted in existing houses. The better condition the existing concrete slab, the less work it will take to transform it into a beautifully polished floor.

Polished concrete in Melbourne is beautiful

Polished concrete is one of the most attractive flooring options for homes and businesses.It has a high level of light reflectivity, which allows it to increase the level of natural light in any room.It is also customisable so you can select the level of polish you desire for your floor. If you prefer a matte finish you can request a grit level between 100 and 400. A highly polished finish in which you can see your reflection can be obtained with a grit level of at least 800.Whatever concrete floor polishing finish you’re looking for, we’ll be able to deliver.

Looking for the best concrete polishing Melbourne has to offer? Contact us today!

If you’re looking to install stunning floors in your home or office, polished concrete will give you all the benefits you need.Polished concrete is sustainable, affordable, low-maintenance, safe, available for new or retrofitted buildings and is extremely beautiful.Whether you own a home or office, polished concrete is the flooring you’ve been waiting for.

How We Can Help

FKR Constructions and Services is the most reliable company in Melbourne when it comes to creating high-quality floors made of polished concrete.Our team has years of experience providing commercial and residential polished concrete flooring in the Melbourne area and are experts in providing services in all aspects of concrete fitting and maintenance.Our clients are our priority so we make sure to provide professional, affordable and safe services on every one of our jobs.If you want the best polished concrete floors Melbourne has ever seen, contact us today.

Contact the Melbourne Polished Concrete Floor Experts Today!

You can give us a call on 0408 545 194 or 0402 083 980. Alternatively, feel free to send us a message via our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We offer a range of concrete services including:

  • Polished concrete
  • Grind & seal
  • Floor levelling
  • Epoxy crack injection
  • Grouting and caulking
  • Structural & cosmetic repairs
  • Floor coating & sealing
  • Floor preparation

Polished Concrete Services you can Count on

Our team features some of the most highly-trained and professional tradesmen in the Melbourne area. So whatever concrete related issues you need solved, you can count on us to deliver a professional, efficient, safe and reliable service.Polished concrete finishing services are booming thanks to the rise in popularity of concrete polishers. Polished concrete is incredibly low-maintenance, as it doesn’t need yearly waxing, polishing or sanding services, which can rack up extra costs.

High-quality Concrete Repairs Melbourne Residents can Rely on

Whether you are looking for a polished concrete floor, kitchen worktop or garage, our skills will result in a beautiful finish that is bound to increase the value of your building.We pride ourselves on our polished concrete expertise; not only do we guarantee an exceptional service but we provide a polished concrete cost that is affordable for you.

The Best Concrete Contractors in Melbourne

If your concrete flooring needs to be repaired – whether it’s for cosmetic or structural reasons – we are the concrete repair company that home and business owners can rely on. Our ability to professional repair all kinds of problems makes us the concreter in Melbourne that can take care of everything.Each person in our team has training in a range of concrete repair methods for different concrete structures such as pavements and ceilings.As a leading concreter, concrete pavers Melbourne residents have issues with, such as cracks, can quickly be identified and fixed. Similarly, concrete slabs Melbourne residents may want to restore can be repaired using our top of the range protection products and repair techniques.

All kinds of concrete polishing services in Melbourne

Whether you want a new polished concrete floor in your office or you’ve a huge crack in your driveway that needs sealing, you can rely on FKR Constructions & Services for a fast and reliable service.Call your local concreters in Melbourne now on 0408 545 194 or 0402 083 980 for a quick quote with absolutely no obligations.We’re so confident in our services that we’ll even give you a 100% warranty on all our work!

Looking for the best concrete polishers in Melbourne? Contact us today!

FKR Constructions are Melbourne’s best concrete contractors. We specialise in floor levelling, epoxy crack injections, epoxy floor coating, polished concrete, concrete garages, concrete kitchens, concrete benchtops, concrete bathrooms, concrete stairs, concrete driveways and concrete sealings.

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