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“It is our mission to provide our trade partners and consumers with a professional, efficient, safe and reliable service from someone they can trust 100%.”
Fernando Gentile – Owner and Operator
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Why Choose Us
Specialising in all aspects of concrete & concrete repairs.
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Concrete Polishing Services In Camberwell

For affordable and lasting concrete polishing for Camberwell homes and businesses there is no one better than FKR Constructions and Services. With 15 years of experience, our team have the know-how and skill to take on any job in properties of all sizes.

If you’re after an affordable way to get your floor looking its best then concrete polishing could be the perfect answer. Our professional services can strengthen your floor, ensuring its more durable and able to withstand everyday use and making it a fantastic option for both residential floors or busy commercial lobbies and office estates.

With a long life span and simple maintenance, polished concrete doesn’t require dangerous or harmful chemicals meaning it’s is an environmentally friendly flooring option.

To speak to one of the experts in concrete polishing Camberwell residents can click here to speak to the FKR Constructions and Services team today.

Floor Grinding Camberwell

Has your floor become cracked and uneven after years of use and abuse? At FKR Constructions we have the knowledge, equipment, and the training, to repair and revitalise damaged concrete floors with ease and efficiency. With our rejuvenating floor grinding Camberwell domestic and commercial customers can extend the life of their concrete floor, or prepare it for polishing and sealing to improve its durability and resilience. To book in for our flawless floor grinding call us today on 0402 083 980.

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