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“It is our mission to provide our trade partners and consumers with a professional, efficient, safe and reliable service from someone they can trust 100%.”
Fernando Gentile – Owner and Operator
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Why Choose Us
Specialising in all aspects of concrete & concrete repairs.
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Concrete Polishing Services In Ashburton

Sick of your boring old concrete floor? Thanks to the qualified team from FKR Constructions and Services you can transform your grey concrete floor into a centrepiece of design for any room.

With our solutions for concrete polishing Ashburton customers know they are getting a reliable service delivered at a competitive price. Our team brings their 15 years of industry experience and knowledge to every job, providing top-quality work to small residential spaces or larger commercial properties.

Professional concrete polishing is an affordable way to add a sleek and modern look to any space, while building the strength and durability of your floor. Our team can ensure your floor is able to withstand years of frequent use, from infrequent to heavy foot traffic. This makes it a versatile choice for all property types, from apartment or hotel lobbies to cafes and offices.

To learn more about why FKR Constructions and Services’ in-demand solutions for concrete polishing Ashburton residents can speak to a member of our team by clicking here.

Floor Grinding Ashburton

Refresh and repair the concrete flooring in your domestic or commercial property thanks to the professionals at FKR Constructions! Personalised to suit the specific requirements and desires of our customers our flawless floor grinding helps Ashburton residents improve their concrete floor and for an affordable price. Whether you need to relevel your uneven concrete surface, or you want to remove surface blemishes and cracks, our floor grinding provides the solution for Melbourne residents wanting the best from their floors. Find out more about our services today by calling us on 0402 083 980.

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