F.K.R Constructions take pride in delivering the best possible results with a wide range of industrial concrete flooring options so our customers get the finish they are after!

Our team of specialists will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide you with the optimal solution that is most cost effective and will last for years to come. Be it large factories or small factories, we have a number of different finishes our customers can choose from.

The most common finishes for industrial floors are:

Polished Concrete

Usually the go to for large showrooms that need a wow factor, mechanical concrete floor polishing creates a beautiful finish that is sustainable, affordable, low-maintenance as well as slip, stain and scratch resistant. Made to last, polished concrete is extremely durable and is a great choice for high traffic areas. We also offer burnished finishes as a cheaper alternative to polished concrete but there are several negatives that can be expected.

These negatives include:
• Does not have the durability of polished concrete
• Very little consistency in the finish, large areas can have irregularities that are unappealing
• Sealed at the end of the building process so can be susceptible to staining

We often recommend to customers to go for light random or full exposure polished concrete instead due to the drawbacks of burnished finishes, however, this is not to say that burnished finishes for industrial projects are not achievable, especially if you have an experienced and dedicated concrete slab contractor.

Epoxy Flooring

One of the best solutions for industrial projects, epoxy floor coatings have affordability and durability as its key selling points. Lasting 10+ years with correct treatment, epoxy flooring is a tough, hard-wearing surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery and vehicles without breaking or cracking.

Throw in these added benefits:
• Stain, fire and chemical resistant
• Dust-free
• Non-slip

And epoxy flooring must be put into consideration.

Epoxy floor coatings are also available in a wide range of colours and flakes so customers can adjust their preferences and each finish having its own unique characteristics.

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