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“It is our mission to provide our trade partners and consumers with a professional, efficient, safe and reliable service from someone they can trust 100%.”
Fernando Gentile – Owner and Operator
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Why Choose Us
Specialising in all aspects of concrete & concrete repairs.
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Concrete Polishing Services In Canterbury

With FKR Constructions and Services’ solutions for affordable concrete polishing Canterbury residents can join satisfied customers across Melbourne in enjoying our range of professional and reliable flooring services.

Our team have 15 years of industry experience, working on floors in residential and commercial properties of all sizes. With a 10-step process we can transform your boring old concrete floor into a stunning statement of sleek and modern design.

Our polishing services create stronger and more durable floors that are able to stand up to years of wear and tear, while still maintaining their original shine. Concrete polishing is an environmentally friendly way to care for your floors, not requiring any harmful or hazardous chemicals.

Brighten even the largest indoor spaces and potentially add value to your property with the professional service from the FKR Constructions and Services team.

Want to find out more? To discover further benefits of our premier solutions for concrete polishing Canterbury residents can contact the FKR Constructions and Services team today by clicking here.

Floor Grinding Canterbury

Has your concrete floor become uneven due to shifting soil? Have cracks started to form on the surface of your concrete floor? With our years of industry experience and training the experts at FKR Constructions can buff out blemishes and faults with your floor thanks to the first-rate floor grinding Canterbury residents can get from us.

Using innovative and effective methods and techniques we can make even the oldest concrete floor look brand new and for an affordable price. To book in for the floor grinding your concrete floor needs give us a call on 0402 083 980.

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