FKR are experts in polished concrete stairs.

Polished Concrete StairsFKR Constructions & Services specialise in all aspects of polished concrete stairs. At FKR Constructions & Services no job is too big or too small, If we’re unable to assist you, we will refer you to someone who will, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Polished Concrete Stairs Melbourne

Are you interested in installing polished concrete stairs in your home or commercial property? If so, look no further because we are the concrete experts you’ve been looking for.

Here at FKR Constructions & Services, we’ve been providing the best quality concrete stairs polish Melbourne has ever seen for over a decade.

The Best Concrete Stairs Polishers for a Sustainable and Maintenance-free Staircase

With our highly skilled tradesmen at hand, we can guarantee an exceptional service at the very best price.

Using polished concrete brings a host of perks that you would never experience with any other materials.

  • Sustainability – Polished concrete is extremely sustainable as it is a basic material used by all construction companies. This means that you don’t have to waste time or energy sourcing less eco-friendly materials such as wood for your staircase.
  • Affordability – Polished concrete is one of the most affordable materials to use for building staircases as the material itself is cheap and easy to come by.
  • Low-maintenance – Polished concrete is extremely easy to maintain and doesn’t necessitate any special products to clean.
  • Durability – If cleaned regularly, your polished concrete staircase could last a lifetime, making it much more durable than any other material on the market.

A Gorgeous Polished Concrete Stairwell Melbourne Locals Love for its Versatility

With benefits like these, investing in polished concrete stairs in Melbourne is a very wise choice.

Polished concrete is known for its versatility, so you can create a look that’s right for you. We have a host of different finishing options available including:

  • Tinting – Tint the concrete to create the exact colour you want.
  • Reflection – Select a reflection level from matte to mirror-like reflection.
  • Embedded materials – Add materials to the surface of the concrete such as glass, stone and tiles.
  • Epoxy coating – Create a beautiful metallic shine with an epoxy coating.
  • Acid staining – Stain the concrete to recreate the shapes and colours of natural stone.
  • Saw cutting – Replicate the look of tiles or slabs by cutting the surface of the polish.

Looking for the coolest polished concrete stairwell Melbourne has to offer? Get in touch today!

Our expert tradesmen only use the best polishing products available, so you’re guaranteed to have the highest-quality concrete stairs polishing in Melbourne.

We install polished concrete stairwells in residential homes and commercial businesses so whatever the size of your job, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’ll answer any questions you may have about the facts of polished concrete and how long it would take to install a stairwell on your property.

We’ll even provide you with a free, no obligation quote before starting any contract. You can call us today at 0408 545 194 or 0402 083 980. 

Contact the Melbourne Concrete Stair Experts Today!

FKR Constructions are Melbourne’s best concrete contractors. We specialise in floor levelling, epoxy crack injections, epoxy floor coating, polished concrete, concrete garages, concrete kitchens, concrete benchtops, concrete bathrooms, concrete stairs, concrete driveways and concrete sealings.
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